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Pearls care

Well, we all believe that we are the best at what we do I guess, but in our case, through trial and error we have achieved something unique in the Tahitian Pearl World.

You may already know about pearl care, the usual, don’t leave them in the safe for years, don’t spray perfume directly on them, sweat is bad for them etc.

I guess the main guiding line, in my view, is to recognize that Pearls are a product of a living organism evolving at sea.

As such, its main component is water, (plus aragonite and mother of pearl).

My advice then is to remember to “moisturize” them babies, or keep them close to water as much as you can. For example, Drop them in a glass of water (without chlorine) at night by your boudoir, then wipe them off with a clean cloth before you wear them. That will clear the sweat, perfume, or just the everyday nastiness of the city.

And enjoy without moderation!

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