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Our pearls

The Tahitian Tiny Pearl

What is so special about our Pearls?

Well, we all believe that we are the best at what we do I guess, but in our case, through trial and error we have achieved something unique in the Tahitian Pearl World.

By bending to Nature’s command over the last twenty years, we have had some serious ups, and downs. Back in 2014, climate change killed-off all our Oysters and we had to begin anew in a depleted Lagoon.

We tried everything, with new Oysters now, from our sister-Atoll. For the first three years results where less than satisfactory, color was dull, and too much mortality and rejects.

As growth was stunted, and still stunted today, we decided to go small. We re-created the Tahitian Tiny Pearl.

With new techniques, new nuclei, and new equipment we began making very small Tahitian Pearls. We contented ourselves with these tiny beauties because we where still unable to make second or third graft (bigger) pearls.

After a while (several years) we noticed a clear decrease in water temperature, PH levels and an increase in specific micro-plankton. As a result oysters life expectancy increased, and we are now able to produce, large colorful pearls, as well as tiny pearls.

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